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From 1914 to 1918 the battlefield of the First World War was located a mile or two from the centre of Ypres. The trenches described a curve from north to south around Ypres: the Ypres Salient.
Monuments, sites and cemeteries still remind us of the most tragic period in Ypres' history.
 The point of entry in the north to the Ypres Salient is close to the B&B and offers you a walking route that takes you to Pilkem Ridge and runs along the Yorkshire Trench & Dug Out site. 
York shire trench
New lamb born After a full day of exploring, biking or hiking, our newborn lambs welcome you home. If you want to put up your feet while experiencing the endlessness of the Ypres Salient, book the 'Pesto' room on the first floor.
You'll enjoy the private terrace with a panoramic view of Flanders' Fields. At B&B Back2Front, you get a room with a view. Want to peek in and see more?
Mare sure to visit the B&B's Facebook page! I love to share pictures of my newborn lambs and of the surroundings and I often recommend activities close to the B&B. If you like it, please like it!
In 1936, the two large guardian lions that had stood on either side of the Menin Gate at Ypres, left for Australia. They were donated as a gesture of friendship.
Ever since, the lions have been on display at the War Memorial in Canberra.
 From April to November 2017, the lions return to Ypres, where they will once again guard the Menin gate. Come and pay them a visit while they are home!
On April 24th they will be welcomed with a special 'Last Post' at the Menin Gate.
As the Great War took place exactly 100 years ago, the need to remember this dark period is stronger than ever. 
The provincial administration of West Flanders commissioned a large project: CWRM. From 2014 to 2018 thousands of people will mould600,000 clay sculptures.
Each of these represents one of the 600,000 lives that were lost in Belgium during WWI. In the spring of 2018 all 600 000 sculptures will be placed on one of the most hard-won places of WWI: the no man’s land of the frontline around Ypres. Read More