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B&B Back2Front - Boezinge


'In the very beginning, there was nothing...'

As our Belgian comedian Urbanus described it so mightily dramatic in his sketch on the creation of earth, that's how it began for us when we moved to Boezinge in 2004.

We were immediately charmed by the region, the view and the silence in our own place.
At first, we wanted to create a warm home for our family. The dream of home-garden-baby (not necesarrily in that order) took up all of our time in those first years, but the drive and enthusiasm to do something more with it, kept on oozing through...

My fascination for hospitality made it an easy decision to start up as a hostess in our B&B.

My husband Sandy, immediately shared my enthusiasm in the idea and offered his winterstable to the project. 'Follow your dream and do it right!', he said.
His own dream, keeping and taking care of his cows, sheep and other animals, was given a prominent place in the whole: to see a Scottisch Highlander bull or a Racka sheep while at breakfast became part of the experience. 

In 2011, when we could welcome our first guests, I was so nervous!
And even though that start is a while behind us, I still get the jitters every time I may surprise new people or spoil known souls.
Hospitality is the most important here. To take care of every detail, without being overwhelmingly present. To chat every once in a while but to also grant rest.

Together with our teenagers, Justine and Emile, we make your stay a very unique experience. 

Would you like to know more and get acquainted, you're 'altied welgekomne' (always welcome) in our B&B in rural West-Flanders. 

Katja & Sandy